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Summary: A family man that crushes castles.

Richard Castle

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Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: Analysis: H




Very strong, can take powerful hits, gets stronger the longer he is in a fight.


He fears losing his family

Physical Appearance

the pic, 8'4

Personality and interests

Calm, caring, daring, likes a challenge, strong willed and a huge family person


Richard was born an orphan, he was never adopted so he made up his own life when he was 17. He became a blacksmith in the village of Dre wood, there he met his wife Wendy, the two became fast friends. When Richard was 20, the village was attacked by a troll, Richard was the first to jump into action, using his hammer he smashed the Troll's skull, and became the hero of the village. He married Wendy not long after that. The two had a son named Johnny. After his son was born, Richard decided to become a hunter so he could make the work a better place for his kids. When Johnny was five, Wendy and Richard had a daughter named Amy. Now 10 years later, Amy is 10, and Johnny is 15, and Richard is expecting another child on the way.


S class
The Castle Crasher

Family/ Grudges/ Allies/ Nemesis.

Son- Johnny
Daughter- Amy

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Image of Richard Castle
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