A Hunt

The Vamp was a Class B, he was going around, killing and draining the life from young women. He was pale and bat like in appearance. " I need more blood....If I want to become stronger I need more blood!" He screeched as he fed on a corpse of his previous victim. He was hiding out in an abandoned church, as he fed on the corpse he heard the click of a revolver. He turned around to see a young man checking out his revolver. " What do you want mortal, leave me or you will be my next meal!" The man looked at the vampire, " Sorry pal, I think not." He pointed the gun at the vampire. It let out a hiss and flew up to hide in the roof boards. The man watched for any sign of movement, he saw the vampire and shot at him, he missed six times, he looked down to reload, the vampire jumped down to attack the man, the man looked up fast enough to shove a double barrel shot gun in the vampires mouth and blow it's face off. The vampire spry black blood everywhere, then turned to ash. The hunter looked down at his kill. He collected the ash and met the mayor. That night, the hunter who was known as Micheal Von Deric, walked out the town with more money then when he walked in. This was a simple hunt, too east for Micheal. Only if he could find a worthy monster to hunt.

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