Image of Soul ( 1368 Alfa)

Summary: "Do you want to die?"

Soul ( 1368 Alfa)

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Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Test subjects

Job ( Laboratory staff only)

Test Subject

Subject file number (test subjects only)

1368 Alfa

Rank/Title (Laboratory staff only)


Physical Appearance

Human- He has dark hair, pale white skin, he's about 5'7, he has dark eyes. He is skinny and seems to be starving.

Demon- Black skin, white glowing eyes, a large twisted grin, has large claws, two goat like horns, dragon like, 10'7 feet tall, and a long spiked tail.

Personality and interests

Likes to ask questions, to play twisted games, very dark humour, will do anything to protect the people he cares for.

History or subject file notes

Soul was found at age 5, at a murder scene at a orphanage know as incident 46. He was captured and put in his cell. When he gets upset or angry his demon self appears and will go a rampage to kill all that did this to him.

Ability (test subjects only)

Demon form and transformation, to disabled it use a very high frequency of sound not even dogs can hear.

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Image of Soul ( 1368 Alfa)
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