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Summary: As long as he is drugged, The Beast is contained.

Will Frespit (1297 Beta)

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: Test subjects

Job ( Laboratory staff only)


Subject file number (test subjects only)


Rank/Title (Laboratory staff only)


Physical Appearance

Appears emaciated due to lack of proper exercise and from being in a drug-induced stupor.
Dark brown hair that is kept shaved.
Scars over his body from tests

Personality and interests

N/A(For now)

History or subject file notes

At a young age, displayed an interest with animals, preferring their presence over humans. As he aged, 1297 Beta began showing signs of aggression towards staff, eventually leading to several major injuries.
1297 Beta has been kept in a drug-induced stupor since puberty, when several incidents made it very clear he could not be left aware of his surroundings and what was happening to him.
Subject has been displaying an ability to mimic a state of stupor, while remaining coherent for an unknown amount of time.

Ability (test subjects only)

When stressed or self activated, turns into what is called "The Beast", a large bipedal creature that vaguely resembles a sickly ape.
It has long, muscular arms that end in long, thin hands that have five long fingers tipped with claws. Average length legs for a creature its size that are also muscled.
Spines cover its back, poking out of a shaggy coat of fur.

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Image of Will Frespit (1297 Beta)
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