Image of Dr. Victor Stein

Summary: "Follow orders or else!"

Dr. Victor Stein

Gender: Male

Age: 43

Group: Laboratory staff

Job ( Laboratory staff only)


Subject file number (test subjects only)

Not a test subject

Rank/Title (Laboratory staff only)

Level Alfra access.

Physical Appearance

The pic, long slender body shape, about 6'7 feet tall

Personality and interests

Calm, shows very little emotion, likes to experiment on subjects, cold and harsh when someone doesn't follow orders.

History or subject file notes

Victor is the founder of Stein university, he had studied in many genetic fields and created a cure for cancer... almost that is. He cured his cancer then was shut down by the U.K government. He works in Chimera to do his other studies he wanted to do before and help Chimera with it's work.

Ability (test subjects only)

None at all

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Image of Dr. Victor Stein
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