Laboratory staff orientation.

”Welcome lady and gentlemen, you are he because you are the best in your perspective fields and wish to push the envelope of science further then most think acceptable. Here we are creating better humans super soldiers to help us take over the world. If that is not why you are here then your welcome to leave in a body bag” the head scientist said. Dr. Marks had set up the program she was in his late thirty’s tall with sharp feathers. His jet black hair and evil brown eyes struck fear into the assembled group of doctors nurses and guards. ” keep in mind that the subjects are not children they are test subjects they will only be identified as a serial number. The subjects are broken up into categories alfa are the most dangerous or hardest to contain, beta are a step down not as powerful but can be equally as tricky.Make sure you never try to move a subject alone and always have tranquilizers on hand in case they get a little volatile.This is for there good as well as ours. You will pick up your list of subjects to oversee before you start work and after the tore of the facility. The subjects were all kept in cells on the third floor down the laboratory we’re on the second floor down and the doctors offices were on the first floor. The building above ground was a where house design as a shipping facility. That was of course chimeras cover after all they shipped textiles all over the world or that what they wanted people to think. After the tour the doctors and nurses get their project assignment and the cards get they duty shift assignments.

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