The story begins

Lyra awoke when the bright white lights were turned on. Life her was pretty boring besides talking to the boys in the cells on either side of hers. She sat up and stretched and looked over to Wills cell to her right. He was still out of it likely even drugged from the test from yesterday. She looked to the battery at her left ” think about playing a game with the guards Draco,” she said giggling. She had started calling Soul Draco at about age 6 when she had seen him turn into a Dragon like an animal in his cell. For all that power, even he was unable to break the glass that kept them in these time rooms.

A few moments later she hired the unmistakable click click of guards shoes on the tile floor coming up the hallway. She held her finger up to her mouth, signaling soul to be quiet. The guards passed quietly without a word. So they were checking the cells. It was too early in the morning for anyone to be taken to the laboratory today anyway. That was the only other thing that broke up the monotony of life in this place. Though the laboratory was not any fun just the mention of the word was enough to send Lyra into a panic. She spoke again when the guards were out of earshot.” S-soul I read the mind of one of the doctors the other day I think he was new he was not wherein gloves like they usually do he wanted to...” she said her voice shook. Whatever she had read it was definitely unsettling the eight year old. Especially since she had used his actual name.

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