Dr. Hyden smiled at Lyra's insult, securing her straps as a clear wall was put in place to separate her and Will.
"I prefer to be called a doctor."
Walking to the other side as Will was brought in, Hyden examined his still form.
"Young one, how long has 1297 displayed such a mature mentality?"
He didn't expect an answer and wasn't disappointed in his assumption.
He went about attaching wires and sensors to Will's body, causing the new machinery around him to come to life.
"You two share a bond yes? Like a pack of desperate wolves you have banded together to share in each other's misery. Today that bond shall be tested."
Looking to the team of scientists on Lyra's side of the glass, he signaled them. One of them held a remote, pushing a button that gave an electric shock to Will, jolting him awake.
Hyden made his way once more to the other side of the glass, leaving Will alone in a now sealed room.
"Tsk tsk. You have betrayed my trust 1297. I know it is in your kinds nature to lie and decieve, bit I thought we had something.. more between us."
As Will struggled against his restraints, he finally noticed Lyra and immediately deflated.
"Hyden! What have you done to her!"
Just for a moment, Hyden was stunned to hear his voice.
"I have yet to even touch her, boy. However, as you know well, my mood changes when faced with disappointment. You will talk or she will face the most terrible pain she has ever known."

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