Lyra screamed and struggles as Dr. Hyden strapped her down. She tried to focus and feel the doctors mind as he went over to Will’s side of the room. It was of course pointless. “ his name is will and you can go to hell.” Lyra growled at him. She continued to struggle against the restraints as the doctor worked on Will.” your not a doctor I will never call you that Doctors should help people. I hope Doctor Stein dies . Then he will never be able to hurt anyone again.” she screamed more insults at Dr.Hayden. It was not a total shock that she had an idea of what the world was supposed to be like when her mind reading ability were taken into account.

Once Will was awake and Lyra heard Dr. Hayden’s threat at him. “ don't tell him anything Will, he’s just a bad dream” Lyra said to Will then turned her attention to the doctor.

“ you think your so smart don’t you just weight until I get free your won’t be safe from me Forever” she said. She was trying to provoke Dr.Hayden. She hoped she could trick him into touching her without his gloves then she would be able to use her powers against him.

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