For such a young thing, Hyden had to admit 1254 had spirit. Putting on arm length gloves, he grinned again as he signaled for another shock.
Will clenched his teeth as the current ran through him, his body desperately trying to transform, but being left with no energy to do so.
"A decade, a decade to test your limits. While lucrative, the results were.. miniscule. If I had only known you were awake and aware, the progress made would have given me the respect I deserve!"
Snapping his fingers to get Will's attention, he grabbed Lyra's face and wrenched it to the side.
In his free hand, he held a syringe.
"The effects of your blood have been quite interesting to observe. Lesser creatures simply cannot handle the process, tearing themselves and anyone around apart due to the agony and bloodthirst. I have yet to test humans, but since our ancestry is close enough, I wonder what effect it will have on 1254."
Although his muscles burned, Will tried again to break his bonds, his frustration bringing tears to his eyes.
"Stop this! I'll talk, Hyden I'll talk! Just leave Lyra alone!"
Lowering the syringe, Hyden stalked to the wall with his head low, his grin made more haunting by the growing hunger in his eyes.
"Please do. Though I must make a request. Call eachother by your designated titles and do away with those petty names you have given yourselves. Otherwise, please continue."

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