Lost Thoughts

Lyra's outburst gave Hyden the moment he needed to show what this experiment would be about. Walking back to her, he brought the back of his hand across her face. Not enough to bruise, but hard enough to show force.
Will yelled in anger at the sight of the abuse, his body showing signs of successful transformation.
"Keep up that attitude and she dies."
The boy bared his teeth from the frustration, but brought his temper to heel.
"Good boy. Do any of you even know where your names came from? If you think it is a memory from a distant happy past, you are all fools. Your parents willingly handed you over. They were reviled by the monsters they had brought into this world and hoped that their sacrifice would bring a solution to...your kind."
He couldn't know if Lyra remembered her parents at all, but Will had a few cherished memories that had kept him going. To hear this, he fought to keep it out of his head, but the worm of doubt found a foot hold.
"I met both of your parents in fact. Sadly, 1254's showed hesitation in me being her primary "caregiver". You however, they couldn't care less who tested you."
He chortled at the end of his statement, gleeful in the turmoil evident in Will.
"Shut up! All you people do is lie and beat us. You just want us to be broken so that you can poke and prod us!"
This time, Hyden ignored his subject, instead focusing on Lyra.
"You could have been under my care once. A truly gifted creature, though so young. If the fools I call colleagues had only let me have my way, you would have learned that your powers can surpass clothing."
Realizing he had begun to get lost in his mind, Hyden cleared his throat and kept his distance from the girl.

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