Not The One You Are Looking For

Seeing the two squirm for their misbehaving brought joy to Hyden. He wondered how next to force a change from 1297, how to break 1254's spirit.
A thought came to him. What if he let them run free? Surely they had thoroughly learned their lesson and could escort them-
Rage covered his face as he snapped back to Lyra, her face staring at him in calm concentration.
"You little snake! I daresay your quick wits could have aided you better if you knew who you were dealing with!"
He thundered over to her, arms acting as a whirlwind as they untied straps and pressed a button to lift the wall.
Will was utterly shocked at what he was seeing, but remained still as Hyden furiously released him as well.
"You think you can outsmart me? I have been at the top of my game for years and it will take more than a beginner's attempt at mind control to defeat my superior intellect."
He nearly threw them from the lab before returning to his test-
Looking up at the scientists that were assisting them, he gave each a glower to ensure they said nothing of what happened before slamming the emergency shutdown handle.
"Get. Them. BACK!"

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