Stein screamed in pain, his skin began to bubble where the darts hit him, the darts were shot out of him, black spikes came out of them, some of the hitting the guards, one stabbing a guard in the head. Stein let out a screech, his body began to change, it looked like Soul's demon form, only the horns were goat like, it had tentacles coming out of it's back, it had a creepy jack-o-lantern smile that glowed white, he then grew a third glowing eye on his forehead, all of his eyes glowing white like his mouth. His body was bulkier, he seemed to be bigger then Soul's demon form, it let out a screech, knocking guards out of the way as it rushed to the cells, where Soul was.
Soul laying on the ground finally woke up at the sound of demon Stein's screeching. Soul got on his feet, he transformed into his demon form, he let out a roar, and using all of his might, breaking down his cell door, he ran to where he could smell Lyra and Will, but demon Stein got to him, the beast jumped on him and grabbed his head and bashed it on the floor as they fell, Soul threw him off and the two began to fight. It looked like Stein was going to win.

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