Fight gets woarse

A couple of guards went into the cells to find the two demons fighting, one guard reported to Dr. Marks, " Dr. Marks we found Dr. Stein, he seems to be fighting with 1368." Stein noticed the guards, his tentacles grabbed them and pulled them into his mouth on his stomach, and ate them. " Dr. Marks Stein is eating us! Help send Back Up!" They fired at Stein and Soul, so Soul used Stein as a shield, then kicked him at the guards. Stein fell on them, seeming to be dead. Soul Transformed back to his human form and ran to find Lyra and Will, he found them around the corner. " Okay, guys good I found you, we need to get out."
A Guard awakens to find Stein eating the rest of his group of guards, the guard screamed as the demon grabbed him and began to eat him. Stein began to heal from his battle, and began to mutate, he let out a screech as body began to rumble and morph.

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