Where is the Escape?

Although still weakened from the shocking "treatments", Will was driven by adrenaline and the need to protect Lyra as they ran through the halls. He was surprised to see how quickly she had grasped her newfound strength and was thankful it had been effective against the guards running around.
It seemed like the facility was in chaos, the halls were in chaos with scientists and guards running in all directions. Adding to this was the appearance of Soul.
"How did you escape? Never mind how, does anyone know where the exit is??"
In all the years he had suffered here, no one had talked about leaving or entering this hell, but there had to be one.
Finally catching his breath, he felt well enough to be of use, morphing into The Beast just as several guards tried to apprehend them. Letting a out a guttural roar, he threw the men out of the way and signaled the others down a hall that had less people.

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