The Demon King

Stein was about to obey Lyra, but he resisted. He let out a ear piercing roar, and he bit down on Soul's shoulder. He threw Soul off of him he charged at Lyra ready to eat her whole. Soul roared, he grabbed Stein by the leg and slammed Stein against the wall. In a rage he started to tear the tentacles from Stein. Soul's eyes started to glow red, He grew a little bigger, two large spikes grew from his shoulders, beside them were a smaller pair of spikes, his horns grew a bit more and they curled more, they also got spikier. Soul than grew two wings. He roared as he jabbed his claw into Stein's chest, there was a loud ripping noise as Soul pulled his hand back, holding a human looking heart with black veins, Soul crushed the heart, Stein fell to the ground and transformed into his normal self, but his veins were black and his eyes were bloodshot, but the veins in his eyes were black as well as his other veins. He looked at Soul, " Well, Soul looked like you finally reached it, you are the Demon King." He laughed, than coughed up some black blood. Soul transformed back to his normal self, but he had black horns and wings like he did when he was in the demon form. Soul looked at Stein in piety. Stein sighed, "Oh, don't look at me like that, I'm a monster, and monsters never die in this world." Soul just turn away from him and head to the others. Stein got angry, "HEY DON'T YOU DARE TURN YOUR BACK ON ME! SOUL!" Soul got on the elevator and looked at Will and Lyra, "Let's go before Marks finds Stein."

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