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Summary: "I warned you."

Nicoli Basil

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Gender: Male

Age: 37

Group: The Russian Federalist Collation




Hand to hand combat, Great shooter, deceptive.


Staff Sergeant

Physical Appearance

Tall 6'7, 195 pounds, muscular. Wears a Spetsnaz uniform.

Personality and interests

Destroying America and gaining control over the supernatural beings.


Raised in Russia he enlisted in the military and was quickly recognized for his smarts he joined up with Spetsnaz and was acquired by the Federalist Collation for a 'important' task force

Favourite Sayings

"This shall be fun, yes?"

Weapons of Choice

Ak-47 and Makarov. Along with a combat knife and brass knuckles.

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Image of Nicoli Basil
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