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Summary: An oddly cheerful assassin and member of a death cult.

Joseph Harker

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Group: Humans


A member of The Black Order of Thanatos


Skilled assassin with great strength and reflexes granted to him by The Black Order.

Rank/Title/Outlaw Name

"The Mortician"

Physical Appearance

A tall, slender man who wears the black attire of The Black Order and has black hair and gray eyes.

Personality and interests

Despite his occupation as an assassin and priest for a god of death, he is a very kind and lively person. He stands out among his peers who all seem "rather down about this whole death thing" as he puts it. To him, death is as much a part of life, and there's no point feeling sad about it when you could be savoring life, which is what he enjoys doing.

He takes no pleasure in killing, but sees himself as merely a tool of fate bringing death to those fated to die by Thanatos.


Born in the city of Inepril, Harker was abandoned by his family and left for dead until The Black Order took him in and trained him to become an assassin. He was given performance enhancing drugs concocted by The Order to grant him increased strength and speed needed by Black Order priests to conduct their duties.

Despite living in a church full of assassins who worship a death god, Harker never lost his sunny disposition and is often disliked by his fellow priests due to this fact. He isn't a typical death priest, chanting endlessly about the futility of life over rotting corpses, and instead would rather spend his time in a saloon getting drunk with some friendly bar patrons.

His philosophy is "get busy living, or get busy dying."

Favourite Sayings

"You only live once."

Favourite food


Items and Weapons

Carries a casket full of weapons. Ranges from revolvers, carbines, to a sniper rifle, and lastly a grenade launcher.

Typically favors his pistol Lady Death in most cases, however, a black revolver with an ivory grip.

Carries a necklace with the sigil of Thanatos, showing he is a priest of Death.

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Image of Joseph Harker
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