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Summary: Life is too short to care about anything but what's happening right now.

Connor Greyson

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Group: Humans


None to speak of


Great in a card game or most games of chance.
Has impressive skill with his war club - a custom weapon - see Weapons below for description.

What he lacks as a skill, is managing his money/valuables.

Rank/Title/Outlaw Name

Not applicable

Physical Appearance

Average height/build.
Dark features.
Good looks.

Personality and interests

Very friendly - sometimes too friendly, especially when it comes to the ladies, the usual cause he's broke.

He figures he'll die young, so he's decided to see the whole of Gunsmoke before he does.


Being the 9th bastard of 9 kids from the middle of nowhere, he didn't set out on his own, he was cast off. He tells folks he's 27 if asked but he honestly doesn't have any idea how old he is. He joined in with any group that would take him, never killing without reason, never taking from anyone who couldn't afford it. After rambling about for 10 years or so, he's opted to travel alone.

Favourite Sayings

"I love a good story"

"I swear, you have the prettiest eyes I ever did see."

Favourite food

Whatever he can get his hands on for as little as possible.

Items and Weapons

Carries a pair of knives for backup if his war club fails him. It's a cutom weapon, a sturdy, long handle with a weighted and short-spiked ball on the end. He's gotten quite good with it over the years so if he manages to land a solid hit on someone, they are generally done for. The ball does also disconnect and extends beyond the hand on a chain, extending the reach by three feet. A single shot, shotgun style shell is hidden in the handle and covered with a thin film so it stays unseen. He's known to "surrender" his club, handle first, and blast someone or spray a group, and use the distraction to beat them down.

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Image of Connor Greyson
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