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Summary: A wandering girl in search of lost technology.


Gender: Female

Age: 95 (Appears 17)

Group: Plants





Plant abilities including the ability to power old technology and imbue objects with plant energy.

Rank/Title/Outlaw Name

The Technomancer

Physical Appearance

Appears to be a 17-year-old human female with short blonde hair with a small stripe of black hair on the nape of her neck and greenish blue eyes.

Personality and interests

Somewhat aloof and withdrawn. She prefers solitude and is always irate over the fact that people seem to follow her wherever she goes. This is mostly due to her discomfort around humans, which is a product of her longevity as she refuses to make deep connections with people for fear of losing them. Despite this, she is generally courteous towards most.

She scours the desert for pieces of lost technology to add to her collection and further her understanding of SEEDS tech. Something she hopes will help her learn more about herself.


Amber knows very little about her past. She awoke in the wreckage of one of the numerous SEEDS ships that crashed onto Gunsmoke more than a century ago.

She eventually was taken in by a small settlement and raised by the person she called her Big Sister. However, when she realized she wasn't aging like the rest of the people in the settlement she set out to understand why. Along the way she discovered her Plant abilities, though in a far less destructive way than others. Using her abilities to reawaken lost technology. Thus she spent the next ninety or so years studying old tech and becoming proficient at repairing and maintaining such technology.

She often goes to various cities posing as a plant engineer to earn a little money to continue her research into plants and lost technology.

Favourite Sayings

"I prefer to be on my own."

Favourite food

Pizza toast

Items and Weapons

Light emitter gloves - can forge hard light into numerous shapes, primarily as a shield or lance. Can also fire a blast of hard light at her targets.

Gilliam - an automated drone with the appearance of a metallic bird capable of flight and armed with a mini-laser.

Custom made single-shot gun which fires shells imbued with plant energy. Upon realizing that using her energy directly shortens her life, as well as the destructive power of the shells in question, she stopped forging the shells and now only has seven left on her person which she refuses to use unless absolutely necessary.

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