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Summary: You are a deeply disturbed human being, but it's okay. We all are, aren't we?


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Gender: Male

Age: 28

Group: Humans




An adept (and self proclaimed) "gunblade", being capable of wielding and utilizing both a sword and a gun in each hand with relative ease. Cloak also excels at tracking and tailing targets from a distance and without being seen. He has an excellent vision and is very observant, however his hearing is garbage.

Rank/Title/Outlaw Name

His namesake is his only name; "The Cloak".

Physical Appearance

Cloak is a young man with brown flowing dreadlocks and an athletic frame. Most of his outfits consist of red and blacks. While his signature cloak remains constant, being a long black cloak with subtle red trimmings, what he wears under it changes often. He seldom wears a hat, but it does happen.

Personality and interests

Cloak is a charismatic and fun-loving guy, even if he can be a bit too much at times. He sees a joke in most things in spite of how dark, dusty, and drab life can be on Gunsmoke. He doesn't have many qualms about killing other people, especially if they're douchebags. It's hard to find decent, honest people nowadays.


Cloak originates far from civilized land, where his family struggled often to make ends meet. At a young age, his brothers began doing the only thing you can really do to make a good living, and learned how to shoot, and did it at people for money. Before he was old enough to truly understand it, both his mother and father had passed away, and his eldest brother, overcome with grief, joined the Black Order of Thanatos. As they grew, his other older brother became lucrative killers as well, and with time, Cloak would rise up as a killer with a persona to match and a particular skill-set that set him out from the rest.

Favourite Sayings

"You've been cloaked."

"Jack and Mary, my bestest of friends!"

Favourite food

Chicken - One taste and you're hooked.

Items and Weapons

In his left hand, he carries Jack, a curved red-bladed short sword with a tactical grip. In his right hand, he carries Mary, a jet black Glock-19 with an extended mag, allowing a total of 31 9mm rounds to be fired without needing to reload. Place them well and you only need one...per person, you'd have to be reeeeaal lucky to take out multiple enemies with a single shot.

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Image of Cloak
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