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Summary: The leader of the Ravaged clan


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Gender: Male

Age: 121, looks 20

Group: Plants


The Ravaged


Skilled in melee combat
Powerful leader

Plant power Beast mode, hands and feet turn into black claws, head into black horned dragon like.
His back gets covered black spikes. His teeth turn into black razor teeth. The longer he stays transformed the more his hair blackens

Rank/Title/Outlaw Name

Leader of the Ravaged
The Ravaged beast

Physical Appearance

6'7, pale skin, red eyes, short blonde hair, wears a black overcoat,his whole body is covered in white bandages, black jeans, and combat boots. He wears a red demon mask over his bandage face.

Personality and interests

Cruel, likes to cause havoc, kills people that fail him, is very kind to children and women, kills other outlaws without blinking. Aggressive, short temper, and has a dark sense of humor.


X has been the leader of the Ravaged clan for 50 years. He is one of the oldest plants who broke out in a rage. He doesn't like outlaws due to watching them do cruel things to people. He controls a large area that contains 50 towns. The Ravaged act as order keepers above the mayors. They kill any corrupt people in charge as an order.

Favourite Sayings

"I keep this place in order."

Favourite food


Items and Weapons

His weapons are a black bladed scythe, two duel revolvers with blades on them and a katana with a black blade.

He has a amulet rapped around his left arm.

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