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Summary: A lawman with a strong sense of justice.

Booker Holbrook

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Group: Humans


Seven Cities Marshal


Skilled Gunman

Rank/Title/Outlaw Name

The Bloodhound

Physical Appearance

A tall man with dark skin and an eyepatch.

Personality and interests

A determined lawman with a strict code of ethics. Something he carries from his time as a small town sheriff.


Raised in Felnarl, Booker moved from town to town as his family was part of a caravan. Eventually he wished to settle down and became the sheriff of a small town. However, a gang of raiders attacked his town and he was nearly killed trying to save it, which he was unsuccessful in accomplishing.

After losing his family and home he became a marshal of the Seven Cities with the goal of trying to slowly make the world a safer place with a sense of justice that he feels it currently lacks.

His work as a marshal has made him somewhat notorious for his relentlessness in hunting criminals, which garnered him the name "The Bloodhound."

He became interested in the The Ravaged clan, seeing them as a twisted bastardization of his sense of justice. And now he finds himself hunting them.

Favourite Sayings

"This is justice."

Favourite food


Items and Weapons

Wields a specialized revolver chambered for 5.56 rounds that, if rumors are to be believed, were originally used by old Earth law men for hunting rogue androids.

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Image of Booker Holbrook
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