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Summary: A Death Obsessed Cult of Assassins

The Black Church

Gender: N/A

Age: N/A

Group: Organizations


Thanatos, God of Death


Group of Highly Trained and Augmented Assassins

Rank/Title/Outlaw Name

Also known as:
The Black Order
The Fingers of Death

Physical Appearance

Most in the organization wear a black outfit comprised of a black suit sometimes with a long dark coat or cloak.

Most are armed with Coffins armed with various munitions and devices.

Personality and interests

Many in The Black Church are death worshiping cultists who believe themselves messengers of the god of death. They are obsessed with all things relating to the subject ad nauseam.

Some even go so far as to pray to piles of corpses.

Despite their over-the-top death worshiping nonsense, they are a force to be reckoned with as their work has literally helped shape Gunsmoke.


The history of the Black Church is surprisingly short given it only recently came into being a few decades ago. Despite that, they have been linked to a number of high-priority assassinations across the planet. The various law enforcement agencies including the Seven Cities Marshals have posted a $$35 Billion reward to the capture of the leader of The Black Church, dead or alive. And any members of their cult have a $$300,000 reward on their heads as well.

Favourite Sayings

"Death frees every soul."
"All Things End."
A lot of Nietzsche quotes.

Favourite food


Items and Weapons

While every assassin has their own trademark weapon, most are known to carry weaponized coffins.

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