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Summary: A mysterious group interested in lost tech and plants.

The Garden

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Highly trained combatants with highly advanced technology and access to plants.

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Physical Appearance

Members of The Garden wear sterile white garb ranging from uniforms to suits of advanced armor.

Personality and interests

Cool, efficient, and without mercy. The Garden seems interested in all sorts of lost SEEDS technology, with plants being a major interest to them.


Not much is known about The Garden. They only just recently appeared, though rumors are beginning to circulate that they've stolen a number of plants from defenseless cities and left them to die.

What is known is that they are very interested in plants, not just bulbs but independent plants in particular.

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Items and Weapons

Weapons are mostly of the lead-throwing variety, but are clearly manufactured with advanced means. Though some higher-ranking members wield energy based weapons.

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Image of The Garden
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