Face off

"Feel His embrace and be at peace." Harker muttered before flicking an unseen switch on the side of his coffin. The lid opened and a flurry of nails erupted from it before closing again. Then Harker lifted the coffin and set it back on its sling. The guards were nailed to the wall. He sighed and continued onward.

Nikita had made her moved and was taking down gaurds on her way into her targets room. She kicked on so hard he flew through the door. Whitch was a good thing since being able to role through the now open door way was the only thing that saved her from being stuck to the wall with nails like some kind of taxidermyed butterflie. As she came out of her summer salt on one knee she already had her guns drawn and pointed at the man in te middle of the room. It was not Oberoth.
"where is he?" she as asked almost sweetly tilting her head to the side. "you see theres a very bad man out there and i have a job to do before he gets in here. " her voice and face were all sweet innocence but her eyes were cold and calculating as she watched him.

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