Among Fiends

" So, what is a Marshal of the Seven cities doing here, better yet why are you so interested in the Ravaged clan?" She pushed her mask just a bit for her to take a drink then she pulled it back down. " These are questions from our Leader, X. I have my own questions but X said his had to be asked first, and answered first."

Booker downed the whiskey and nodded. "Fine then. I'm here because I plan to take you guys down. You make yourselves out to be a roving band of heroes defending these towns under your territory. But you're not The Law. You wear those gas masks everywhere. You cut people's heads off, leave em as a warning. That's not justice. That's fear. Vigilantism is still a crime." He pulled his lapel to show the badge pinned to it. "This... this means I am The Law. And unless you folks plan on wearing the star as well, anyone in a gas mask will either swing or spend the rest of their time in a jail cell." He sat back, wondering how this girl would react. "That answer your boss's question?"

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