Catch The Balloon

Harker turned to the panic room trap door in the floor. It was a sturdy-looking metal door. Still, nothing a round from his rocket launcher couldn't fix. He pressed another, seemingly invisible, button on his coffin and the inner mechanism produced his launcher with low-explosive rounds. Enough to blast the door off without blowing everyone in the room to oblivion. There was a moment of silence and Harker turned to Nikita and gestured for her to get on with her business.

However, before she could even take a single step a large greenish orb shot up from the hole in the floor and levitated above them. Inside the orb was Oberoth, he was wearing nothing but a long black robe and an unflattering harness that seemed to be emitting the force shield that was levitating him.

"Fine!" Oberoth shouted. "Let's do this the hard way!" He looked at Nikita and produced two uzis. "Die!"

Harker whipped out Lady Death and fired two shots at Oberoth. The rounds were stopped by the force shield. Oberoth cackled madly and began to float about the room erratically.

"You can't stop me!" Oberoth shrieked as he began to open fire on the two assassins. "I am invincible!"

Harker moved to place his casket in between him and Nikita and the hail of bullets. He glanced back at Nikita. "We need to burst this guy's bubble!" He pressed a familiar switch on his coffin and it opened up and fired another volley of nails in Oberoth's direction.

The nails collided with Oberoth's shield. They didn't hit the man but the force did seem to send Oberoth flying towards the back wall...


Amber and Connor were making their way down a corridor when the wall just ahead of them exploded. A fat man in a translucent green sphere bounced off of the opposite wall and towards them. Amber ducked just as Oberoth shot over her head then looked to where he was going.

"Did you see that?" Amber exclaimed in surprise.

Oberoth stopped in midair and spied the two interlopers. "You're that blonde bitch who wanted that bulb! Come to steal from me? Thief!" He trained his uzis on her and Connor. "Die! You all die! Die! Die! Die!"

"Take cover!" Harker shouted as he hurled his coffin in front of Amber and Cooper.

Amber dove behind the stranger's coffin just as a volley of gunfire struck it. She looked to the two strangers who had come out of the hole after Oberoth. She recognized the guy, but not the girl.

"Guy's got some kind of shield." Harker said as he sidled next to Amber. "Nothing I've sent his way has gotten through."

"Thanks for the update, stranger," Amber said with a hint of sarcasm. To her it was obvious what was going on. "Now, lets see if we can't figure out a way past this field of his..." She shot out from behind the coffin and fired two blasts from her gauntlets. The beams of hard light struck the shield and sent Oberoth tumbling down the hall, he was cackling as he did as if he was enjoying the ride. Amber frowned and glanced at her gloves in speculation. Just then, Oberoth stopped moving and shifted in such a way as to come back down the hall towards everyone at an insane speed.

Amber tried diving out of the way but was struck by Oberoth's shield. She went sputtering onto the ground and winced in pain while Oberoth sped on towards the others...

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