Amber winced and was about to get up when Cooper of all people suddenly appeared over her.
"Time to get you out of here, m'lady," and he scooped her up.

The entire time he spent getting her off the steamer she was screaming: "Let go of me you dunderhead! Idiot! I'm fine! Let go!" He proceeded to take her out of the steamer and off to the side in a secluded space.

"Hey you," he said and she moaned groggily in his arms a bit, "you're alright. Wonderful. Do you feel like anything is broken?"

The moans were, in actuality, growls. She proceeded to scratch the hell out of him with her nails. Letting out noises that sounded like an angry cat as she did. "Let me go! What the hell do you think you're doing? Touching me like that! I wasn't badly hurt! Do you think I'm some delicate little flower??? Did it ever occur to you that I let that oaf hit me??? I needed to know what kind of technology we were dealing with so we could stop him!"

She then shot up to her feet. She was like a titan towering before him and her eyes were red with anger.

"And now I may not get the chance to check out that energy shield of his!" She let out an exasperated sigh and started to march back towards the steamer. "EEUUURRRGGHHH! This is why I prefer to work alone!" She looked for a place to try and get back into the steamer.

"You don't understand what you just did there, Romeo! I have to get back there and tell those people up there that the shield Oberoth's using may be weak to slow moving objects. It stops anything moving fast like a bullet but maybe thrown knives or slower projectiles can stop him. If I can't get to them in time... he may kill them all..."

Harker continued to provide cover for himself and Nikita with his large coffin but everything he'd thrown at Oberoth hadn't stopped him. Bullets, rockets, flechettes Whatever this shield of his he was using, it was powerful. And now he was barreling towards Harker like a massive, flying, bowling ball. He collided with Harker's coffin and sent it flying, Harker lost his grip of it and cursed as he did.

Oberoth grit his teeth as he reared around towards Harker and brandished his uzis. "Die! Die! Die! You all die!"

"Crap!" Harker exclaimed as he closed his eyes and waited to be embraced by his God.

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