Bleeding Like A Stuck Pig

She didnt have time to see the effects due to a a large mass rushing through the door and catching the corner of her eye. She pulled out her dagger and held it app for defense.

Oberoth recoiled backwards and shrieked as the massive form of Maze came barreling into the corridor. Harker opened his eyes and saw the behemoth and suddenly realized that today was, by far, the strangest day of his life thus far. Floating fat men, giant hulks, and sand steamer full of bikini-clad vixens. He looked to Nikita. "Did you manage to stick Porky there? I kinda didn't see with the big dude that just showed up. He a friend of yours?"

Oberoth regained control of his anti-grav device and glared at them as he pulled out one of the thrown knives out of his thigh. "You stupid bitch!" Then he spotted Maze. "The hell? What are all you freaks doing on my steamer???"

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