X rolled to the side, dodging the taser," FIRE!" X screamed. The Ravaged began to fire back at the troopers with equal fire power. *X looked at Brooker, "GET DOWN!" One of the Ravaged threw a grenade down, X tackled Booker to make sure he was safe, the other Ravaged duck down. The grenade exploded with such force of ten pounds of TNT. A Ravaged sniper from 20 feet away fired at what seemed like the captain of the squad. X mumbled to himself, "How did they know what I was." He looked at Brooker, "Change of plans Marshal, seems like these A-holes want to capture me and kill everyone else." He rolled to cover. He motion at a Ravaged to thrown him a gun, the Ravaged nodded and tossed a gun to his leader. X than began to shoot at the troopers.

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