Big guns

Harker quickly got on and went down below to stow his casket. He noted how Nikita seemed to become his shadow since all these odd characters showed up. He didn't seem to mind.

She jumped up to sit on a crate and nodded at the coffin "so what is that rhis any way?" she asked but before he could answer they herd amber .

"We've got company!" Amber shouted into the speaking tubes to alert the others.

Harker was one of the first to get up to the deck and see the strange flying machines pursuing them. "Who the hell are these guys to have such miraculous technology?" He thought aloud. Then one of the flying machines opened fire with a blast of energy that nearly struck the steamer, causing a plume of sand and fire to shoot up at the spot the bolt hit. "Alright, they're gonna play nasty!" Harker said with a smirk as he brought up his casket and opened it up. He produced a quad-barreled rocket launcher and looked to the others. "Feel free to take anything from my wares! We need to take down these bastards before they take us out!" Then he looked back to where Amber was piloting the steamer. "I hope you know how to take evasive action!"

Nikita glared at the flyers. The looked to amber "you got any big guns on this thing?" she asked

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