Oh, we've got guns...

Nikita glared at the flyers. The looked to amber "you got any big guns on this thing?" she asked

"I don't know! I just stole this thing five minutes ago!" Amber exclaimed as she desperately searched for any sign of a weapons control center or some sort of defense mechanism. It was a small steamer, but given this was Oberoth's ship meant to be used for escape it made sense the paranoid bastard had some method of defending this ship from attack.

Then she saw something that looked promising. She flicked a switch and two dome-like structures on the stern of the steamer opened up to reveal small turret-guns. All they needed was someone to man them.

"There!" Amber shouted.

Maze had already hopped into one and started to fire at the group of sidewinders closing in on them while Harker continued to fire missiles from his launcher.

"Not so helpless anymore are we?" Harker shouted as he downed another flying machine.

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