And A Bigger Gun...

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No doubt ryjones is in a similar bind. Hope ya don't mind me writing for Maze, I just really wanted to bring him into the action)

Nikita climbed in the seatand fired away gritting her teeth and cussing under her breath she brought down two of the flyers

Harker shot Nikita a smirk and gave her a thumbs up. "Nice shootin' girl!" Then he looked up and pointed to a small group of sidewinders that broke off from the main group and were trying to come at them from the side. "There! Three O'clock!"

Maze continued to take out sidewinders as well. Their numbers were dwindling.

"We're almost home free!" Harker shouted.

A little bit too soon, sadly. As a new group of sidewinders suddenly appeared from behind the clouds and descended on the little steamer with a series of small laser blasts that pelted the hard metal hull and showered the area everyone was at with sparks. Harker took cover behind his coffin and tried to retaliate with machinegun fire. But the squadron of sidewinders was too numerous, far larger than the previous squadron had been. They were getting overwhelmed. The shower of laser blasts stopped as the swarm of ships came around for an other pass.

Seizing this opportunity, Amber launched herself out of the control room and onto the bow of the steamer and glared at the swarm with venom in her eyes. "Dammit... today's cost me too much..."

She produced an ornate gun which had been resting in a holster on the small of her back. It looked like a bronze-colored flare gun with a long barrel with various venting ports running up the sides of it. She reached for one of the six shells that were tucked into her belt and opened the breach and slid the shell into the gun.

Then she took aim at the swarm as they started coming around to fire on the steamer again. She pulled the trigger.

A bright light erupted from the gun, and struck the swarm. Decimating them.


"Marshal, I'm going on my own free will, this world already has to deal with Vash, I doubt they need me to stack on the problem. Now, put the weapon down, go to the seven cities, and if you want the Ravaged are yours to deal with." X gave Booker a smile that a parent would give to calm a child. "Booker, I'm not human, so there is no need to save me."

"I've already made up my mind." Booker said. "If you really are as bad as someone like Vash then I'd rather you be on the side of the angels than with these freaks." He continued to train the launcher at the leader of the platoon. "And I have no doubts this sucker can put an end to you. So I'll say this once: tell your men to stand down."

"Primitive." The commander hissed through his helmet. "You don't know who you're dealing with. You..."

Suddenly a bright light erupted in the distance, distracting everyone.

"What in the...?" Booker said in awe.

The Commander continued to stare at the light. And listened to the hail of chatter that began to cascade across all channels on his radio. "Get me a confirmation!"

The Commander was distracted, so were his men. Though so was Booker, if only because he couldn't believe what he was seeing...

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