big boom

Harker shot Nikita a smirk and gave her a thumbs up. "Nice shootin' girl!" Then he looked up and pointed to a small group of sidewinders that broke off from the main group and were trying to come at them from the side. "There! Three O'clock!"

nikita fired away taking out the ones Harker had pointed out. just then she saw the new arrivles and ground her teeth. there were just to many. this was not how she wanted to go out.

Amber launched herself out of the control room and onto the bow of the steamer and glared at the swarm with venom in her eyes. "Dammit... today's cost me too much..."

She produced an ornate gun which had been resting in a holster on the small of her back. It looked like a bronze-colored flare gun with a long barrel with various venting ports running up the sides of it. She reached for one of the six shells that were tucked into her belt and opened the breach and slid the shell into the gun.

Then she took aim at the swarm as they started coming around to fire on the steamer again. She pulled the trigger.

A bright light erupted from the gun, and struck the swarm. Decimating them.

nikita climbed down from her seat and raised a brow at amber "what was that?" she asked as she crossed her arms over her chest.

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