Proper Introductions

(OOC: So, sadly, ryjones has opted to leave the game. I'll be taking over his characters because I actually really really like them.)

nikita climbed down from her seat and raised a brow at amber "what was that?" she asked as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Amber lowered her head and put the gun back in its holster. "Something I only use as a last resort..." She sighed. "Dammit... This day extracts a heavy price..." She turned to the others. "Alright! It's time to tell me just who the hell all you people are! We've got a few hours before this steamer reaches my place so it's time to explain!" She looked irritated, and it was clear that whatever it was she had just done had gotten her flustered.

Harker was the first to speak. "I'm an assassin sent by my God to put an end to Oberoth's miserable life. I'm here because... my God decreed I must. Apparently fate deemed we meet this day."

Maze hopped out of the turret and nursed his cramping legs before speaking. "The name's Maze. I came because I heard there was some sort of trouble. And I was bored."

"And apparently he can turn into a giant monster at will." Harker added.

"That I can, yes." Maze nodded.

"Care to explain why?" Amber asked.

"Not really, no." Maze said flippantly. "Suffice it to say I'm here, and whether you decide to drop me off at the nearest town or not is no matter of mine." He shrugged.

"Fair enough..." Amber looked to the robot still carrying Connor. "Romeo over here won't be much of a talker for a while. He's with me. Which leaves us with..." She looked to Nikita. "You... who are you?"

Harker stepped forward. "I think we should be asking you who you are. You did just shoot down all those flying machines with a single shot. That's something I'd expect of The Humanoid Typhoon. And last I checked he wasn't a pretty young girl. So... who the hell are you???"

Amber paused and looked at everyone as they stared at her. She knew she was at a disadvantage here so she relented. "My name is Amber. I'm a plant... engineer. A researcher of old technology, and a collector. I've gathered a lot of nifty pieces over the years, including the shell I just used to put an end to those damn troopers. I was trying to get a piece from Oberoth, which he stole from me. I got it back, and now I'm ferrying a group of weirdos and assassins to my home..." She sighed.

"Got room for some wayward travelers?" Maze joked.

Amber didn't want this. She didn't want people. Yet here they were. Maybe fate was a real force? Maybe it was just like what Harker had just said, it was fated they were to meet?

Amber had been alive for a long time and had seen plenty of oddities. Yet nothing like this. If fate had decided to act now, after all these years, it picked a very inconvenient time. Yet Amber felt compelled by her Big Sis to at least let these strangers rest and heal from their ordeal. She looked to Nikita again and offered the girl her hand.

"Let's start again. Hi, my name is Amber. What's your name?"


"Hey Marshal, thank you for saving my skin back there." He looked at him and smiled, " I knew you'll come around."

Booker was more confused than ever and stared at X intently. "Just what the hell did I see back there? You said you weren't human. What the hell are you then?"


The airship retreated back into the clouds as the remaining troopers were brought back aboard. The Commander of the ship was reading over the reports from the surviving troopers and intel collected by the sidewinders before they were decimated. He shook his head in disbelief. He knew plants were capable of inconceivable destructive power, but now the reality had sunk in. He had seen their power firsthand.

It wasn't just the decimation of an entire squadron of sidewinders, the mangled remains of his lieutenant were also an example of just how dangerous these beings were when provoked. The Commander acknowledged that it was his fault for engaging them instead of holding back and observing them. His men had paid the price for his folly, for his greed. What was supposed to be a simple raid to gather advanced technology had become a slaughter.

The Commander sighed and drank the last of his coffee before standing up from his monitor and stepping out of his quarters to greet the crew on the bridge. "Return to base, we must relay what we've discovered to the others."

The Commander then took a seat at the captain's chair and waited for the ship to return to The Garden where he would face judgement...

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