R & R

X sat down while his men took a break. "So, how do you feel about me now Marshal, do you fear me?"

Booker stared at X, stunned. Of course he was afraid of him. The man had admitted to being some sort of being that should only exist out of time. He had seen the destructive power X had, and no doubt he was telling the truth about Vash. If that was the case, such beings could punch craters into moons.

Suddenly Booker's view of the world had expanded. This was no longer about cops and robbers. This was much bigger. And while it was true that he feared the power X wielded, he had seen the man work. He hoped his instincts were telling him the truth.

"You fight on the side of the angels, I think that's good enough for me." He took a seat near X. "The question now is... what do we do about those guys we faced back there?"


Nikita staired at her for Long moment the decided to play nice. She took her offered hand "nikita" she answered then dropped her hand.

Amber smiled. "Nice to meet you Nikita. I'm Amber. Some call the 'The Technomancer" I am an expert on lost technology, and I focus on Plants." She turned to look out beyond the bow of the steamer. "We should be at my place in a few hours. Let's rest a bit until we get there, okay?"

When they reached Amber's place which was, much to their surprise, an abandoned SEEDS ship. Amber brought the steamer to a stop and lowered the cargo ramp for the others to get out. She then went to a large door on the ship and pressed her hand on the flat panel near the door. It read her handprint and opened.

Inside was a somewhat dusty corridor which led into a large living quarters with a number of gizmos littering the place. Amber went over to a fridge and produced a beer. "Help yourselves guys."

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