More Guests

Stepping forward to the door, one hand in his pocket and his cloak open in a way in which Jack and Mary were clearly visible to any onlookers in front of him, Cloak banged on the door with his fist.

"Did anyone order one handsome rogue!?"

Amber glanced over to one of the nearby holographic monitors and peered at it as it showed a feed from a security cam at the front entrance. She didn't recognize the man. She was prepared to activate the automated defenses she had established when Harker of all people spoke up.

"Oh shit! It's that bodyguard dude from Oberoth's yacht!"

"Is he here to get revenge for us killing his boss?" Maze pondered out loud.

Harker shook his head. "Don't think so. He wasn't very interested in protecting the fat bastard. My guess is he wandered out here."

Amber's brow furrowed. Her place was getting crowded. Her gut told her to kick them all out, but Big Sis insisted otherwise. Again. She was beginning to hate how nagging her sister's voice was becoming.

"I'll let him in, we can figure out what he's up to..." She pressed a button to open the front door and deactivate the defenses. She readied herself for a potential fight. Maze, still fatigued from his recent transformation, opted to grab a nearby bottle of booze as a weapon.

Harker, however, wasn't as anxious as the others he merely sat down and waited for Cloak to enter the main living area to join the others....


"Anyways, Those guys had something to do with old tech, meaning they are big boys. Didn't help they knew what I was. Hmm, I got nothing, but I bet you those guys have the key to make this old planet of dust into one of some called Earth, the human race's home planet."

Booker was still reeling from the fact that the person in front of him wasn't human, and was in fact a "superior being." While he didn't know much about Plants, he knew what most did, that they were some of the most impressive engineering feats mankind ever achieved. So impressive that the few that survived The Big Fall had allowed mankind to survive on this barren rock. He knew X wasn't joking about them potentially being able to reshape this planet into a green and blue paradise.

Heck, if X wanted he could make his own oasis for his people if so so desired. Or reduce entire cities to ash. The gravity of the true power X wielded was dawning on Booker.

If Booker had the ability right now, he would've considered killing X right then and there just out of fear of his power. But Booker knew it would've been suicidal to try. The only think that kept him reassured at the moment was the fact that X had a code he lived by. He wanted to help people in his own way. He'd used his charm and leadership qualities to get this group of people together, not his godlike abilities. They didn't worship him, they respected him. And Booker, he found, was growing to respect the man as well.

He nodded for a moment. "If that's true then they're a potential threat. You saw how they regarded us, and the people on that steamer. They aren't interested in helping the people on this world thrive. They're lookin' to put themselves on top and damn anyone else." He sighed. "And you may be the only person who can stop them... The Ravaged, the only people with the gumption and capability to stand up to such heavy hitters."

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