Image of The Black Wolf (real name lost in time

Summary: The nightmare of Garou

The Black Wolf (real name lost in time

Gender: Male

Age: Ancient

Group: Garou




Role: The Embodiment of Rage
The Rogue Wolf King
The Banished one
has sharp claws that can cut through steel, regeneration, sharp fangs that are as tough and sharp as diamonds, he has twice as strong as a gorilla and four times as fast as a normal wolf, he has jaws strong enough to crush a solid iron ball. He has a strong sense of smell, as good as a wolf, he has the mind of a skilled hunter, so he is no simple beast.

Rank/Generation/Sphere Mastery

Rank: Banished

Physical Appearance

Bulky, build like a body builder
Black silky fur
Scars over his chest, the side of his face and on his limbs
Golden yellow eyes

Personality and interests

Beast like, but shows intelligence that makes him a fearsome foe and a nightmare of Garou.


The Black Wolf is to be one of the first Garou to be created, the legend says that before he became a Garou he was strong viking warrior. When his clan became the first generation of Garou he found the power amazing, more and more he let his rage grow, with it the power of the beast. Then on the blood moon, the warrior went on a rampage during a battle with a rival clan, he than was consumed by his rage and the beast. He became the legendary black wolf.

He slaughtered everyone on the battle field including his comrades. He went back to his clan to challenge his brother for the right to be call chieftain. He did indeed killed his brother, but his younger brother took the duty instead and banished him. The black wolf then went into the forest, his fate sealed as the Black Wolf. Garou used him as an example to not allow the beast to consume you.

Now the black wolf has traveled to america looking for Garou to join his "Pack." which his last one was killed by a powerful Vampire. He kills anyone that would dare cross his path and will devour all he finds unworthy. The scarist thing about him is a power of his called the gift of Fenrir, if any of his saliva enters a living Garou they will go into a rage and become a beast forever.

Favourite Sayings

A fearsome roar


None besides his body

Gifts/Disciplines/Arrete Spells

Gifts: The curse of Fenrir

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Image of The Black Wolf (real name lost in time
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