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Summary: The supernatural nerd, also tech wizard

Jason Ricks

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Group: Kinfolk




Tech nerd, supernatural researcher
Can hack into any system, can build weapons meant to deal with supernatural beings, can search the internet to find an Intel on a supernatural and decode what is real and what is not,

Rank/Generation/Sphere Mastery

Generation: X

Physical Appearance

The pic, 5'4

Personality and interests

Nerdy, geeks out when seeing a supernatural creature, mumbles his plans out loud, kind and has plans for his plans.


Jason had a normal life,but he was so smart that he skipped two grades in high school and he graduated at age 16. At first he went to college to become an engineer, but he found a new meaning, when he saw a supernatural beast fighting a Garou, after that he devoted himself into researching the supernatural, there is when he met Brynjolf, where he became friends with, he decided to keep his friend about Intel of other supernatural that seemed very important, He owns a computer company, so he mostly stays at his home, doing research.

Favourite Sayings

"HOLY NUTBALLS" -When he is surprised
"This will be a chip in bag" - piece of cake


The internet, his computer

Gifts/Disciplines/Arrete Spells

Gift: None besides his great mind

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Image of Jason Ricks
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