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Summary: Tzimisce (8th Gen)

Iosef Ardelean

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Gender: Male

Age: ~650

Group: Kindred


Eastern European


Sabbat Sorceror

Rank/Generation/Sphere Mastery

8th Generation

Physical Appearance

Iosef keeps his appearance well, appearing well-groomed and pleasant. He hides his evil nature behind sharp looks and graceful movement. His hair is dark brown, and his mustache and bright blue eyes make his otherwise unremarkable face memorable.

Personality and interests

Iosef is pure evil. In life he was a scholar, and in his unlife he carries that thirst for knowledge to perform twisted magical experiments on others. He has no love for any except his own twisted amusement, and views even his peers as pawns, playthings, and guinea pigs.


In the Middle Ages, Iosef was unfortunate enough to have been in the path of a Tzimisce vampire at a university he had been studying in Romania. For reasons lost to time, Iosef was embraced, and that is that.

He traveled to the New World 270 years ago to seek new opportunity and to avoid politics in Europe. It was not long that he found his way to Montreal. Now, he carries out his work in the dark, performing twisted works on the humans around him, and building his power-base to eliminate all threats to him before they become a problem. He pays lip service to the Sabbat, but rarely involves himself in the goings-on of things unless specifically summoned by the Archbishop.

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Image of Iosef Ardelean
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