Image of Crash

Summary: Brujha Gang Leader NPC


Gender: Male

Age: 50

Group: Kindred




Montreal Anarch
Motorcycle Gang Leader and Drug Dealer
Minor Gang

Rank/Generation/Sphere Mastery

Generation 9

Physical Appearance

6'2" 280 lbs. A big bear of a man he looks like he wants you to start a fight so he can show you, your own insides. He has a menace to him that makes normal men shy away and makes people ill at ease. Physical Age 24.

Personality and interests

Rude, Bully, Making Money, Partying, Doing what he wants.


Crash is one of the rare few shovel heads that crawled out of his grave and survived more than a single night, his formative nights were cold hard and full of pain. He was turned in Detroit Michigan and setup to expose the masquerade in the area. He managed to slip out of the city and into Canada. He had always been a minor criminal and met up with a new gang his new prowess as a vampire quickly saw him rise in the gangs structure. He is now the head boss with 15 other bikers under him. He has no real influence in the city and is an extremely minor fish. He is seen as with amusement by local Sabbat packs. Is unknown to the Camarilla and other local Anarchs don't want to be associated with him for when the police finally get around to breaking his gang up. This apathy to his existence is what allows him to thrive as a minor inconvenience in the city.

Favourite Sayings

Fuck it, Lets Go!
Boys fuck this fucker up!
Come get some!


Biker Leathers

Gifts/Disciplines/Arrete Spells

Potence 2, Presence 2, Celerity 1

This character is not owned by anyone. You can adopt them if you become a member of this game.

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