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To start, I am only focusing on werewolf, vampire, mage, and hunters for this game.

Garou is the name for what others would call werewolves. It is indeed true that the full moon can cause the Change very easily to younger Garou. There even similarities between their battle form, Crinos, and the stereotypical image of Hollywood's werewolves. However, that is where the similarities end. Garou are not created like Hollywood says, they are simply born Garou. The Change occurs usually at adolescence, and often be born from intense emotional distress. Those born under a certain phase of the moon will always feel that phase call to them. Garou are also born to a certain tribe of Garou, often because of both lineage and spiritual guidance. In either case, many Garou fall into a simple stereotype (Get of Fenris being ragey warriors, often Nordic in nature Bone Gnawers are always homeless), though many defy expectations and are often a very different picture All together. All Garou are said to be the protectors of Gaia, and fight anything that would tear apart her beauty. The modern age has decimated much of the Earth, and some Garou can sometimes feel Gaia screaming in agony. This inability to protect her fuels many spiritual Homids (human born) and Lupus (wolf born) Rage. And it is Rage that fuels the strength of a Garou. Their Inner Beast allows them to assume multiple forms, from a slightly larger human with slightly wolfish features but boasting increased speed and strength to a dire wolf, with jaws powerful enough to rip even hardened vampire flesh to pieces. But they must beware their Rage, lest the Beast slip out...

Rage is part of a Garou's life, from the moment of the Change and onward. It is irrevocably tied to the Beast; given enough anger, frustration, and any other intense distressing emotions, the Garou will often shift into a Bezerker Rage. They will instantly assume the Crinos form, the most powerful and deadliest of shape of the Garou. Teeth and often honed claws, combined with an increased healing factor, even faster speed, and (again, often) the strongest slashes of attack make this battle from a fearsome and deadly sight. Vampires rightly fear an angered Garou, for the angrier they get, the faster but more primal attacks come. Though some Garou are born gentler, many eventually become enraged and accidentally lash out, often fatally. Garou who are calm are often well experienced and may also know Gifts, spiritual magic given to the Garou by either a teacher or a Spirit of the Gift.

If something truly pushes the max of their sanity or frightens the Garou sufficiently, they may enter a Fox Frenzy. The Garou's behavior will change almost immediately to escape, as the Beast thoroughly influences the need to survive. Ones who frenzy in this manner may be labeled cowards, but none can ever truly experience a Fox Frenzy until they do.

All Garou tend to form small packs lead by an Alpha, a Garou who has proven worthy by whatever tribe's reckoning to lead a pack. This is not often the case, as many Garou tend to be in urban areas; this forced them to maintain small groups, often of mixed tribes. And many tribes often worship a Totem, a powerful spirit that often lends guidance and lessons of learning. No matter the Auspice (phase of the moon they were born under) or tribe, all Garou obey a set of laws known as the Litany. Not all follow it to the letter except for one key law: the rending of the Veil.

The Veil is the fabric of reality that shields the minds of the rest of humanity. Most other forms can blend in, with true wolf and human forms indistinguishable from the rest of their natural race. However, Crinos form rends that protection completely. Garou fear discovery, ever since the Dark Ages and the Imperguim. Hunters are often near to avenge lost loved ones slain by the Garou; silver is the bane of werewolves, easily overriding their healing. Silver bullets are often with hunters as well.

Kinfolk is a Garou term, but will be used to encompass any human not affected by the supernatural effect of others upon their mentality. Humans that witness a Garou in their Crinos form, for example, will either go mad, cower in fear, and/or believe they have found Bigfoot.

Kinfolk will be able to act and formulate thoughts when exposed to the supernatural.

For Vampires, they must not break Masquerade. This is a quasi-veil of secrecy, meant to protect the Kindred from humans and hunters. This is broken with either blatant showing of supernatural power, feeding in front of witnesses, or revealing the truth of their existence. Unlike the Veil, the Garou version, Masquerade will not cause major hysterics. This is watched closely by Clan Tremere, vampire blood sorcerers who will activate a blood curse upon the violator. From there, other duty bound vampires will hunt the transgressor.

Finally, we have Mages, humans now Awakened by the magic of their Avatar. They have the restriction on their magic caused by the implementation of a static reality since World War Two. This static state of reality is essentially the belief we feel deep down that magic doesn't exist. For Mages, the opposite belief is powerful. While many may wish to make word incantations for spells, all Mage magic is the same in principle: through will and thoughtful manipulation, the mage twists the very fabric of reality to achieve their goals. In modern times, there exists nine Spheres of Magic, each with their own twists and turns of powerful and dangerous effects. All are great in flexibility, but limited in use; a mage must be mindful of onlookers for the vast population of Earth is mostly Unawakened. The Mage must take care, as too much "vulgar magic" will accrue too much Paradox energy to survive.

Paradox is a dangerous effect that mostly occurs to the Mage who experiences this. The more Unawakened onlookers present, the stronger the static reality is going to be, and the more cruel Paradox becomes. Mages can survive low doses of Paradox, if they can handle the mental effects and sometimes very real hallucinations. A Mage present at a Node or Anchorage, whether owned or not, can bleed away Paradox into the ether of the Umbra. A Mage with sufficient knowledge in Prime can bleed away Paradox without such rare and hidden places. Mages in modern time have developed a new term to a way of magic that lessens or negates Paradox. This "coincidental magic" relies heavily on awareness, but is far easier to cast than vulgar magic.

Hunters are the main worry to any supernatural, including Mages and Kinfolk. Though often dealing with hoaxes, some are armed with more than just a rock salt shotgun and a holy talismans. Practiced Hunters can exorcise a spirit quickly, even ones summoned by the Sphere of Spirit and the Gifts of Garou. Others keep an arms locker stocked full of a surprisingly worrisome amounts of differentiating ammunition types. Any Hunter who sets their sights on a prey knows that a fight isn't always to their advantage but they will level the playing field with sheer will to kill that bloodsucking leech, that ravenous mutt, or that twinkle fingers.


I think this is enough for this. But as a final line, I do ask that all who play utilize this sight for all information regarding abilities and what you are.


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