Barber's Shop

((8:00 a.m.))

He made his way with purpose, his leather coat pulled close even though he enjoyed the briskness of the Canadian weather. Brynjolf stared across the street at a group of three that was busy causing far too much noise with those damn stereos. It didn't take long for them to notice him, their socializing ending in a stare as he walked.

It was only as he closed that they saw his eyes. Only one of them could hear better than a human, and he heard the low rumble within the Garou. And his eyes were a terror for them to witness, portals to the burning Beast within.

They scattered quickly, walking with purpose away faster than him. Brynjolf chuckled; his Gift worked well on these weaklings. Though, it troubled him that the clouds were thick today. Nevertheless, it was something he could handle... Mostly.

It wasn't long until he arrived at the club. Fucking leeches, he thought. But the doors were closed now, a first sight in decades for the city. Obviously, the leeches were willing to keep masquerade, and he could respect them for that. Yellow police tape covered the back alley in an incompetent barrier.

"What the fuck?" he said as he saw the remains of the crime scene. Not all the blood was gone and the body was removed, but most of the time was there. He bent down, fingers touching the dirt of the alley and completed the rune with a slowness.


"Fenrir," he said beneath his breath.

He stood then, looking up. The buildings were close together here, and he could just see what he thought were claw marks some ten feet up. Brynjolf stared at that and turned around. He gazed about with a slow, penetrating gaze.

It was far too odd that a frenzy kill like this was literally outside a den of vampires and no one noticed it except the humans. Bryn sighed, knowing that he was probably over thinking again.

Footsteps alerted him to someone approaching. The stench of the Wyrm told him how vile those feet were. He turned, slipping backwards into shadow. No doubt, the leeches had seen him. But he wondered just how much they valued their undeath.

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