A Staredown

The growl did not escape his notice as whatever foul creature continued to approach. Damn, thought Brynjolf as he glanced between the two sources. He barely caught a glance of someone or something bounding to the rooftops. With an annoyed air escaping him, Brynjolf himself backed off. He did not like the situation he was in.

Seeing the site of the murder was enough for him. He needed more information before he could continue. With that, he quickly made his way down the street, away from the alley. Finding his phone, he quickly called up Jason. "Hey, just got a look at the place," he spoke lowly, crossing the street. "I have seen that symbol before but not here. I think it is time we do a little research ourselves, I will be over soon. I'm going to need to make a quick stop first."

As he reached his car, he looked back to the alley. His eyes locked with one of a group, dressed to the nines with an impeccable mustache. Brynjolf almost threw up from the stench of the Wyrm on him, even though he was across the street. People moved between them, cars going both ways as they stared. There was no mistaking this one, a vampire of pure evil. Yet neither did anything that was becoming of their natures. He felt the Beast growl deep within, a boiling rage that he kept on simmer. Still, a growl escaped his lips, a rumble deep and low that none save augmented hearing could detect with all the ambient noise.

I hope you like what you see, leech, he thought. One of these nights, I will be the last thing you see.

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