Knock Knock

"Definitely, I will be there soon," Bryn said, getting in and flooring the gas. He disappeared into the sea of metal and fumes, a pair of lights among many

((35 minutes later))

The night was still young as Brynjolf climbed out of his car. A great many things perplexed him, mostly the rune of Fenris himself. Not many beings, including most Garou, would call upon the Destroyer. His Rage was far greater than any other shifter, perhaps best that he was restrained by the fetters of Asgard.

He grunted, knowing he would get to the bottom soon enough. He rapped his knuckles loudly on the door, waiting for Jason to get off the computer. A new toy was made and Brynjolf wanted to see if it was any good as the last one. The soul trap Jason had made was definitely a good making, for a homid.

He knocked again.

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