Needing More Clues

"I dunno, it could be," he replied, scratching his ear. "I certainly stank of Wyrm, that is for sure. Though it was overpowering, like it took a bath in filth."

He thought about the scene. "I'm not sure... It felt old, something that has marinated in Rage... It couldn't have been a Rage spirit, they don't leave much of a body and no physical evidence... Hmmm..."

Brynjolf thought about himself, lost in a Frenzy years ago. He shivered slightly, remembering how easily he tore down his pack mates with satisfying swipes of his claws. The Beast Within always wanted out, new Garou always prone to the Rage.

"I have some questions I need answering. Tell me, are the Wendigo still having their little gathering at the Post?" Brynjolf spoke after thinking. "They have more of a sense for this than I do, maybe it is time we pay our respects to our neighbors. While I'm at it, call down to the shelter, see if you can get with Jean-Baptiste. He's the local pack leader for the Bone Gnawers, see if he heard anything."

He got up, hefting Day Bringer. "One more thing," he said, digging into his coat to throw down a box of ammunition. The tips shined bright with the tell-tale of silver. "It was definitely near me, might be best if you have something with a bit of 'fuck you' in it. Especially if it is a Garou."

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