Late Hours

((Wednesday, 7:30 a.m.))

The man slammed into the ground, fangs bared as it hissed. The foot came down, slamming into his chest with a heavy crunch. The vampire gasped, bone and blood ripping out of its shirt. He grasped at the foot, squeezing at the tendon. A chuckle reached the vampire's ears, making him look up.

"You actually think that does something," said the owner of the foot, Brynjolf.

"Why are you doing this? I haven't done anything!" hissed the vampire.

"Say that to that fourteen year old you drained, leech."

Suddenly, it was not a human standing above him, but a snarling half-wolf. It reached down and snapped its jaw once. The head of the vampire rolled down the alley a moment later. Brynjolf shifted back to his Homid form, spitting the taste out. "Fuck, what would it cost you guys to make yourselves mint flavor?"

His phone buzzed then. He flipped it open, hitting the ACCEPT button. "What?"

"Brynjolf, I was looking through the news and I found this: a man was attacked in an alley, witnesses say that they saw a large black wolf attacking the man, then the beast ran off. Do you have any ideas on it?"

"Sounds like the Bone Gnawers are being uppity. Where did it occur?" Brynjolf asked, walking away from the corpse.

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