Brynjolf kept an ear on his phone, his other ear for danger. He had just killed a Sabbat vampire, the others may be nearby. Bryn highly doubted it though. Ricks usually had good intel, not to mention all of Montreal was essentially a Wyrm-tainted feeding ground. He was in his element, ripping literal corruption one claw at a time.

"Umm it was at, downtown the left alley to the, are you kidding me!" Came from the speaker, the last part making him move the phone away from his ear. Brynjolf had reached the streets by then, the light of a streetlight half playing upon him. That made him pause. That sounded like a frenzy kill.

"The best I can explain it, are Bone Gnawers that violent? Hold up, do Bone Gnawers have the mental power to know Nordic symbols?"

"No, they're not usually unless they truly are offended, and what? Some can call the spirits, but Nordic? Why specifically?"

"Because at the scene was the Nordic symbol of wolf wrote in the victims blood." Brynjolf lowered the phone to stare at it. Did he just hear correctly? He barely heard Ricks continue as he set off for Barber's Shop.

"Also, did you handle with that vampire? By how you sounded, you got him?"

"Easily," he growled. He flipped the phone shut with a finality , the clap more satisfying than a swipe of a finger.

Brynjolf was on the hunt now.

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