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Summary: The Dark One


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Gender: Male

Age: 800

Group: Dark Commanders


Powerful Shadow being
(Shadow beings are beings made of shadows, created when a powerful being takes a piece of their soul and uses it to spy around the world and gather power, if they get so much power they become their own being.)


Shadow powers, dark magic, and magic


Old-The Shadow of Vonakai
Old-The Warlord Of Shadows
New- The Dark One

Physical Appearance

The pic, 6'2


Quiet, Evil, Cruel, planner, and never gets angry


No one knew his history before he served Malalketh, but people know he is from another land, when he came with him came faint legends of him being part of a group known as the Five Warlords Of Darkness and how he was a shadow of a powerful demon known as Vonakai. He showed up at Malalketh's doorstep 50 years ago and has served him as his right hand since then.


Shadow weapons that he creates with his magic
His magic

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Image of Atuzal
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